Sunday, December 11, 2005

Stranded in Frankfurt

I'm en route to a business trip in India. I arrived around 7:00 am and expected to depart at 11:35, but the Air India flight coming from Chicago was delayed. Seriously delayed. Projected departure time is now 15:05 - three and a half hours late. I'll get into Mumbai around 3:00 am and will be ready to go to meetings at 8:30. I plan to sleep on my flight since I won't be able to sleep much at the hotel tonight.

Other random thoughts about this:

  • Frankfurt is not a wonderful airport to spend a long layover. There are not many comfortable places to sit, the power outlets are few and far between and the food offerings are limited. On my last visit to Europe, I changed planes in Amsterdam. It was a much shorter layover, but it seems like it would be a better place to hang out. Unfortunately, I'm scheduled for another long layover here on my way back.

    At least there's WiFi available.

  • In addition to the typical electric carts used for carting around those who need help getting from gate to gate, some airport employees ride bicycles through the hallways. No, they don't carry the disabled on the back of their bikes. I think these are either managers checking in on different gates or maybe just errand runners.
  • My understanding of circadian rhythms is being reinforced. The first few hours here were exhausting. Now that's it's around 8:00 am at home, I feel much more energized.
Stay tuned, I'll post more thoughts from India during the week. If not during the week, then next Saturday when I'm back here in Frankfurt.

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