Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Quotes from home

I'm in Bangalore now and have more thoughts on India, but haven't put them together yet. I was talking with my wife and she shared two wonderful quotes from my 4.5 yr old daughter:
We were leaving the house and she saw the reminants of rock salt and asked what it was. I said we put salt down when it is icy because salt melts the ice. She thought a minute and said, "Mom is the sun made of salt?"

We were driving to school and I had the radio on. They were playing some song and then some commercials came on. I was not listening at all, but it must have been some jewelry add because she suddenly said, "Mom, does gold make you feel special?"


paliopolis said...

Hey Doug
Are you still in India or are back ?

Doug said...

I'm back. Who are you?

I guess it's time to post further thoughts on my trip.

paliopolis said...

I am the guy who got the gmail invite from you :-)
i still enjoy reading to your blog, i am subscribed to it in my blogline.
It was good to hear about your trip to India :-)