Thursday, August 26, 2004

Olympic Observation

If you've been watching coverage of the Olympics in the USA (without skipping the commercials), you'll understand:
If some woman, walking down the street and singing to herself with a big grin on her face, reached into her purse and handed over an open soft drink, this bloggerette would definitely not drink it.
Posted by Judi Smith, Dave Barry's Research Department, on Dave Barry's Blog

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Cheap laptop stand

Laptop stand A long time ago, I wrote about an expensive laptop stand which raises the display to a reasonable eye-level and bemoaned its high price. At the time, I wasn't using a laptop for work on a regular basis, so I let it go.

Things have changed and I now use a laptop almost exclusively and I started looking again. The price for the Oyster hasn't dropped significantly, so I started surfing around. I found a reasonable substitute for AUS$35, but no American distributors. Finally, I found some wise person who pointed out that a quality book holder would probably do the job.

For around US$13, I got a copyholder, connected my external keyboard and mouse and voila!