Monday, November 28, 2005

Ronaldinho's latest nike ad - real or fake?

Irakli posted a link to an incredible video showing Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho demonstrating some amazing skills with the ball (and some new Nike shoes). The most amazing thing is that he kicks the ball into the crossbar from 18 yards out and it bounces right back to him -- four times.


The soccer site has a long discussion as to the validity of this video. Some people have Ronaldinho quotes saying it's real, but then there's also a post allegedly quoting Nike's communications director for North Europe saying "It's a shame to reveal it, but where he hits the bar four times we played with some digital solutions."

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Robert Ronald Wilson said...

Probably fake. Ronaldinho has the skill to do it, but why would Nike wait around to see it happen?

Most players don't have the skill to do this - or juggle the ball for hours on end for example. Ronaldinho happens to be one who does, but again, Nike wouldn't want to just sit and wait for the four in a row to happen.