Friday, November 18, 2005

Free e-book of Scott Adams book

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, is offering a free PDF download of his book God's Debris. The blog entry says a little about why he's doing this, but he put it a little better in the most recent edition of his newletter, "I’m giving it away because I found out that most people who read it end up either recommending it or buying the paper version as gifts for other people." This is not a collection of Dilbert cartoons or even one of his books on business. As he says in the blog:
The hard cover version of God's Debris was a solid financial success. But it's such a strange little piece of work that it was hard to market it. People don't even agree about whether it's fiction or non-fiction, religion or science fiction or philosophy or just a good old fashioned mind-%*$#.
I happen to think that PDF is a workable format, but it's not ideal. It's probably the best choice, today, for mass distribution of a cost-free publication, but there are formats which offer smaller file sizes and perhaps more features.
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