Friday, July 29, 2005

Geeky Friday: Running Windows with No Services

From the good folks at SysInternals, " Running Windows with No Services" in which the author discovers to his own surprise and to the surprise of Microsoft's VP of the Core Operating Systems Division that Windows XP can actually run without any services running. You can even surf via Internet Explorer. There are some little things that are impossible -- like logging out. Don't try this at home without dong a backup first.

"The bottom line is that this stripped-down Windows configuration is not practical..." but some of the readers' comments point out possible practical applications such as providing a more certain method of cleaning up infected computers.

If you haven't already known about SysInternals, they provide some top quality, free utilities for windows computers for monitoring TCP ports, process status, file status, etc. The kind of stuff that linux and mac os x come with for free but windows seems to be lacking.

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