Friday, July 01, 2005

E-books and corrections

My recent post on the comparative size and weight of digital versions of Amazon's Penguin Classics collection, got a nice mention over at TeleRead. Apparently the bloat in the Adobe Reader file format is nothing new.

I'd never seen this blog before, they cover ebooks in pretty good depth. There are more articles there about the Librie I mentioned, but the big gadget hype seems to be about the forthcoming Nokia 770

Also a reader of TeleRead pointed out that I had some math problems in my file size table. I've recalculated and included links to the sources. There are duplicates of some of the Palm file formats -- MemoWare has two separate pages for The Pickwick Papers

Format Total Per page
MS Reader 0.72 0.87
iSilo 0.74 0.89
iSilo 0.80 0.97
Doc 0.85 1.03
PalmReader 0.85 1.03
TomeRaider 0.86 1.04
Doc 0.87 1.05
ASCII 1.72 2.08
Adobe Reader 3.17 3.83
Note that the table is now sorted by size. The full half million pages of the Penguin collection would range from 0.41 - 1.83 GB.
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