Friday, December 03, 2004

Geeky Friday: SMS, tcl, Python

Here's a new regular feature, "Geeky Friday". I'll queue up my posts on techie subjects for publication on Fridays. These will be only of interest to the techies out there. They'll probably only be comprehensible to them as well.

Maybe it's not good form to start "Geeky Friday" with a six year old article. Nonetheless, here's an article by Frank Stajano discussing a information retrieval system implemented using SMS. Stajano also discusses why he chose to use Python despite his previous experience with tcl and [incr tcl]. The bottom line "I prefer Python because its standard library is a gold mine."

Six years later, I believe this is still true. I'm much more familiar with tcl, but when I compare the list of modules in the tcl standard library and those in python's standard library I begin to understand why Stajano feels this way.

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