Monday, August 11, 2003

Via Slashdot, two interesting articles by Grant Barrett about doing freelance technical support successfully. In the first article the author "basically cheer-leaded the dispirited by trying to convince them that there was an opportunity to be had, that, with only slightly better-than-average computer skills, out-of-work folks could take a shot at building a freelance technical support business.

The second article delves more into "knowing if this work is right for you, marketing yourself, learning on the job, handling and educating clients, managing the business, the temperament required, and the negative aspects of the work." This article also addresses some questions and concerns raised in slashdot discussions of the first article. If you want more commentary, see the slashdot discussions of the second article.

While I think that doing technical support full time might just be my definition of hell, I still recommend these articles. In addition to being quite readable and occasionally hysterical, he has a very good perspective on client relations and business building which can be useful for any sort of freelancer.

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