Friday, February 01, 2002

The first installment of Oliver Twist from arrived in my mailbox this morning. A little Dickens to start the day each day should be fun...
The fact is, that there was considerable difficulty in inducing Oliver to take upon himself the office of respiration,--a troublesome practice, but one which custom has rendered necessary to our easy existence
and it appears that may be publishing this just as originally published by Dickens. Here's the close of the first installment:
as he knocked at the gate and read the bill next morning: 'I never was more convinced of anything in my life, than I am that that boy will come to be hung.' As I purpose to show in the sequel whether the white waistcoated gentleman was right or not, I should perhaps mar the interest of this narrative (supposing it to possess any at all), if I ventured to hint just yet, whether the life of Oliver Twist had this violent termination or no.

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