Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Black Apple

There's a rumor that Apple and RIM, creator of the BlackBerry, may be forging a partnership. Speculation is that they might try to build on each other's innate strengths.

I use a BlackBerry for a while and was unimpressed. It does "push email" well and wireless sync well, but that’s about it. The basic PIM tools are weaker than what my PalmOS Handspring Visor had 6 years ago and there is comparatively little third party software. My biggest gripe was having only a thumbwheel for navigating a big screen. A combination of touch screen and wheel/buttons is easier.

I think that many people who rave about their crackberries had never used a PDA previously and were issued one by their offices. Compared to lugging around a laptop or having nothing at all, the BlackBerry is a nice tool.

Apple can, and should, do better.

Perhaps may just license the software for connecting to a Blackberry Enterprise Server. This would enable companies to deploy either RIM or Apple devices and their employees would be able to get their email, calendars, etc.

And about the name "AppleBerry". I don't get why the tech press is using that.

  "Black" - color, serving as adjective
  "Berry" - fruit, noun, modified by the adjective

  "Apple" - fruit, noun

Wouldn’t "BlackApple" be better? and cooler sounding? Or is a black apple a rotten apple? But if black apples are bad, why does Apple charge so much more for the blackbook black macbook?

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