Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Skype and system resources

Via TinyApps blog, Marc Eisenstadt writes a lengthy blog post on how Skype can monopolize your computer's resources. This borders on the sort of thing I usually save for a Geeky Friday post, but I think the content is at a high enough level that it shouldn't scare you away. Better yet, Eisenstadt quotes from (and links to) three source, one "highly technical article", one "less technical article" and one "in-depth discussion" (actually the slashdot comments on the "highly technical article").

It's worth a quick read and there are two things I'll do now:

  1. Make sure that I only run Skype when I'm actually going to call somebody (corrollary: if you want to call me, ping me by IM or email first)
  2. Investigate Wavigo, a comment on this article referred to Wavigo as "Skype done right and honorably".

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