Monday, April 04, 2005 review echoes reality

We rented Closer this past weekend. I wish I had been more up-to-date in reading my weekly mailings from If I had read the newsletter from March 25, I would've read this review:
"CLOSER" (2004) (Julia Roberts, Jude Law) (R)
Drama: The lives and loves of four strangers (including Roberts & Law) become hopelessly intertwined as desires, deception and self-centeredness drive them into unexpected directions and relationships. Based on the popular London stage play of the same name, the film comes from director Mike Nichols ("Working Girl," "The Graduate") who knows a thing or two about character relationships. While his work, the script and especially the work from the four leads is solid to terrific, I just wish that their characters and the overall film didn't leave such a bad taste in your mouth and/or lead to the urge to shower after watching it due to all of the ugliness that's present.
The boldface part describes perfectly my thoughts about this film.

If you don't already know about Screen It!, try it out. They have fuller reviews the "Our Take" and a full description of everything you might not want your kids to see (or might not care -- they're not judgemental). For example, the description of profanity used in Saved starts with "At least 1 "f" word, 1 "s" word, 1 possible slang term (that's mostly drowned out) using female genitals...".

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