Friday, January 07, 2005

Place The State

Strangely addictive geographic game - Place The State. At the end of my best turn I had an average error of only 2 miles and the only state I missed was trying to place Utah on the board for the first move. Other turns I wasn't paying attention toward the end and did stupid things like misplacing Alaska by 100 miles or releasing the mouse too soon when placing Wyoming on turn 49 (the only other missing state was Michigan).

Note that this is the intermediate version of the game. Since it keeps the states you've already placed, it becomes easier with each turn to place the remaining states. There's an advanced version of this game available at the front page of the site. In the advanced game, you have to place each state independently. I tried it once and finished with an average error of 25 miles.

Next I'll try one of the "place the country games".

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