Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Cheap laptop stand

Laptop stand A long time ago, I wrote about an expensive laptop stand which raises the display to a reasonable eye-level and bemoaned its high price. At the time, I wasn't using a laptop for work on a regular basis, so I let it go.

Things have changed and I now use a laptop almost exclusively and I started looking again. The price for the Oyster hasn't dropped significantly, so I started surfing around. I found a reasonable substitute for AUS$35, but no American distributors. Finally, I found some wise person who pointed out that a quality book holder would probably do the job.

For around US$13, I got a copyholder, connected my external keyboard and mouse and voila!

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Neil Pierson said...

Yes ergonomics is not rocket science! I found the Standit laptop stand in 2004. It is basically a cookbook holder, made of metal so it lasts and with 2 height adjustments. I was so impressed I started recommending them to friends and eventually started a business selling them - it just works. My first stand from 2004 is still going strong.