Monday, January 12, 2004

Presidential Jokes

Tomorrow is the Democratice Presidential Advisory Primary here in DC. It's not actually a primary because it is non-binding. There are two future steps in the process before DC's delegates are actually chosen. That's the first sad thing about this "vote".

Next, of the main Democratic Presidential candidates, only Howard Dean, Carole Moseley-Braun, Al Sharpton, and Dennis Kucinich are participating. This makes me wonder why the reminder post card sent by the party encourages us to "show your support for your favorite Democratic Candidate". Oh, and there's no accomodation for write-ins.

There is a bright side to all this. Apparently one candidate who is on the ballot is Vermin Supreme. His site is lots of fun and even makes Al Sharpton and Dennis Kucinich look mainstream. Mr. Supreme's main platform plank seems to be mandatory dental health, including "Dental commando squads or warrant less random no knock dental inspections. "

For a more serious look at what's wrong with this "vote", read an editorial from this week's Washington Post: "This Primary's a Joke. It Could've Been Great". It's so annoying that I'll probably just go and turn in a blank ballot.

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