Monday, November 14, 2005

How Tom manages his email

Tom Kyte, of the extremely useful Ask Tom Oracle help site (and column), has been travelling a lot lately and writes in his blog that he's now All caught up...:
Most importantly – the scroll bar is gone from my inbox! I have 14 emails in my inbox. 12 of them are to-do items – so maybe I’m not all caught up, but I’m not that far behind anymore.
The post discusses in more details how he manages his email. I currently have 2188 messages in my Inbox -- that's only going back to the beginning of August, I have many more archived. I think if/when I decide to try something along the lines of what Tom does, I'll probably archive more regularly rather than delete or file by subject or recipient. With a good desktop search tool, searching the archive is quick and easy.

On a related note, I tried Google Desktop and found it weak when compared to X1.

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