Tuesday, February 05, 2002

I'm getting a new cell phone soon because I'm not happy with Cingular's reliability and I can't use my current phone with Verizon. I'm probably going to get a Motorola phone with predictive text input -- the phone tries to guess what word I want based on only a single tap on each key. Motorola calls this iTAP. Nokia and some other phones use something similar called T9.

It looks like such a good idea, that I thought it'd be nice to have that on my Palm, too. Candidates for this are WordComplete and TextPlus. They were reviewed head to head in this review from Nov 1999 (the review compares WordComplete 1.0 (currently 2.0), TextPlus 3.0 (currently 3.8) and LookDA (which the reviewer found more lacking))

Interestingly, I found these because the makers of the fitaly keyboard didn't allow them to be used in this contest which compared speed of input methods (fitaly won, of course). Gee, what are these products that I'm not allowed to use because they'll make me too fast? It looks like you can use fitaly along with either WordComplete or TextPlus for super speed.

Does anybody have experience with any of these products?

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